New student visa from July 2016

Change of student visa from July 2016

We welcome the news that the Australian Immigration Department has introduced a new simplified student visa framework (SSVF) which reduces the number of student visa subclass from eight to one. In addition, it implements a simplified single immigration risk framework for all international students.

Under SSVF, it is expected that processing student visa to be simplified and unified due to removing the Assessment Level (AL) framework and streamlined visa processing (SVP) arrangements.

Under the new visa system of SSVF, the combination of immigration risk factors and the student’s country of citizenship will be used to assess the level of documents required as financial capacity and English language proficiency of the student. In addition, there is only one visa subclass (student visa subclass 500), regardless of the intending degree/qualification which removes the confusions arose from numerous visa sub classes under the old system.

Students, who are intending to study in Australia as a genuine temporary entrant should take advantage of this simplified SSVF.

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