Educational Advice

At Academic Path, we can advise you on how to enter the Australian education system from primary school through to college and university.

Entry into the Australian education system depends on various factors, including your:

  • Current level of education
  • Area of interest
  • Future goals
  • Financial status

The educational entry process varies greatly from one person to the other, as do the opportunities available. We provide consultations and provide advice tailored to each individuals circumstances. (Click here to see the opportunities available to you)

Settling in Australia

Transitioning from your home to another country like Australia is a big change and can be very difficult. The transition worries new arrivals who have no idea what to do about settling and starting a new life in Australia. These worries are mainly about basic everyday life requirements, including accommodation, transportation, health, banking, and shopping. We understand these problems and your worries and we will keep our consultancy with you to help you settle after arriving in Australia.

All services in one place

Entering Australia is a lengthy process and requires researching possible entry options,  preparing various documents/applications and translation of documents. We at Academic Path will take care of all these, removing the hassle of going to multiple places for different services.